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There are many reasons to sell on—from having access to millions of lifestyle shoppers to the ability to start selling fast without the cost of maintaining an e-commerce site. 

By selling on, you can;

· Increase sales volume and process up to 100% more orders

· Break down location barriers caused by customer’s inability to get to physical stores

·Increase sales while reducing overhead costs such as physical outlets, web maintenance costs, wages, packaging, advertising etc.

·Benefit from our network of affiliate sellers because we understand that the best buys are still based on recommendations and referrals

How this partnership works

We provide you with the simplest, quickest and stressless ways to sell your products. All you need to do is register with us, list your products and start making money!  

We take care of advertising, delivery and ensure your money gets to you right on time. No listing fees, no maintenance fees, just standard commissions.


You are in charge! You choose the price for your product listings.

We encourage you, however, to keep your pricing competitive and at the best prices. 


FabricsNG takes care of packaging and shipping to the buyers at no cost to the seller. Sellers, however, must ensure that the ordered items are stocked with us or reach our delivery centre within 24 hours of placement of order. 

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