About Us

Fabrics.ng is an online fabric company offering the best fabric shopping experience to stylish young people, fashion designers and other creative professionals through our use of innovative channels and superior customer experience.

We believe progress comes when we innovate and find simpler ways of doing things. This is why we have reinvented fabric shopping to get the optimal mix of convenience,  affordability, best quality, variety and fast fashion.

There's no hot market sun beating mercilessly on you, or wasting precious time going round in circles for hours searching for a specific fabric or frenzied body pulling accompanied by 'hezz, fine geh, i have nice stuff for you' or buying a fabric for N3000 and later finding out Kemi got hers for N800 in the same place or being overwhelmed by everything, that you finally buy just anything.

Nah. Stay woke and shop here.

We stand with you as you choose simplicity while embracing your originality and unique sense of style.



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