Are You Rectangle Body Shape

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Rectangle shaped women are straight from top to bottom, and tend to like to use clothes to create curve in their figure.

Features of  a Rectangle Body Shape you:

  • Your shoulders and hips that are equal width
  • Your shoulders and hips are in line with your waist, there is little to no definition in your waist.
  • You are muscular with an athletic looking figure

How To Dress a Rectangle Body Shape:

  • Use clothing to create curves in your figure
  • Men’s wear inspired clothing will tend look and feel great on your body
  • Bring attention to straight hips with patterns, and details
  • Look for styles that are cut straight, like your figure
  • Angular clothing and accessories will be best on you

Clothing for rectangle shaped body wear:

  • Pants are you best friend, and usually feel easier to wear than skirts or dresses for you
  • If you also have a long torso, use belts to create a waist
  • Shorts are a great way to show off your legs, without having to wear a skirt
  • Rectangle shaped accessories will feel really good on you
  • Shoes with pointed or square toes will be most comfortable, rather than a round toe shoe

photo credit- look smart alterations & 40 plus style