How To Identify Crepe Georgette

The second most popular variety is Crepe Georgette.

It is a sheer, lightweight, dull-finished crêpe fabric named after the early 20th century French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante. It is originally made from silk with highly twisted yarns, made from either matter silk or fabric similar to silk that is flexible and stretchable.

Georgette has the light crepe texture, which feels slightly rough, but makes the fabric bit bouncy giving it a flowing look. The threads used in Georgette fabric are highly twisted, which gives a rubbery texture when rubbed, making the fabric almost appear to move on its own.

A lot of people mistake crepe georgette for chiffon because georgette is quite similar to chiffon in the drape and feel but they are a lot different from eachother.

From the above picture, we can see that chiffon is transparent, weightless, and softer unlike crepe georgette  which has a more opaque look and is slightly heavier. This opaque but light-weight characteristic makes it perfect for an Abaya or hijab.