7 Hacks To Stand Out In a Simple Outfit

Ever looked at someone’s outfit and said to yourself, ‘How could someone even look this great in a simple t-shirt and jean’, short answer – it is in the little detail!

Let’s face it sis!, we might not be able to look like Disney princesses or  Rihannas everyday, but we can definitely do something about adding some sass to our everyday look, rising above the mere mortals *wink*.

Here are some tips to guide you;

  • Wear something really small with something really big; Now if you have a small cute top you want to wear it with your huge palazzo jean pants or skirts or when you have a really short dress you want to wear it with that huge jacket or trench coat to make your style stand out

    Don’t leave your short dress bare. Add a big jacket to complete your look!

  • Tuck in or half tuck your dress; this is a really easy to accomplish, and it goes a long way to make you look spectacular and different. I mean sis, check out Mayowa Nicholas and the pretty lady right beneath. Sassy , check. Classy, check check!

    Half tuck your shirts

    Or tuck them in

  • Cuff your Jeans; want people to give you that ‘oh my God her outfit is so classy’ remark, how about cuff below your jeans just a tiny bit, not the one you fold like four times please! 😂 ( that’ll just make you look like you’re about to wrestle somebody and we don’t want that!). Remember that  sassy we’re aiming to look like? Yes?  sail in just that boat!

    Just a little folding works

  • Stack your Rings; now this one could be tricky, we want to look classy but without being too loud about it, so you can double your rings on one finger or two then repeat in the other hand, let them have a certain similarity, same color and just  watch yourself shine!

    You want to keep it simple but remarkable

  • Simple Layering; this is  essential for a well-styled, high-concept vibe. But there is such a thing as too much.  Layering is recommended when you need to (i.e., tossing a cardigan over a tee when it’s cold) and avoiding it when you don’t so it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. Take advantage of this, when the weather is cold!.
  • Knot an over-sized tee; You can either Knot it in the front or behind to define your entire look better. Be that baby girl!

    Become that  baby girl with this hack!.

  • Add a Scarf to a basic look, the basic scarf is the extra mustard on your burger to your strapless or tiny-strapped dress. It says the ‘hey there, I am simple but I do it right’

    Just like this!.

I’ll give an extra tip based on my personal experience;  I once thought it was mean to tell people to buy quality since it usually came slightly more expensive, especially in our present economic situation, but the real question we should ask is, Have you tried to source out ways you could afford quality without spending so much, because they really are. Quality would always transcend to class so make sure you get quality Always !

Tell me if this helped, and until next time, Stay Fancy😉!