5 Ways To Look Fashionable On A Budget

Quick question; do you have that misconception that it is only those who have good money in their pockets that can look peng all the time? Allow me to burst your bubble with that; the truth is -you don’t need a closet full of clothes or a bankers paycheck to look fabulously put together. You just need the right pieces, and maybe replace the things you’re holding on to that you shouldn’t wear anymore and slay!

Allow me to give you five short steps to take:


  1. Do not follow trends; focus on defining your own individual style. Being unique is hotter than being a carbon copy of a fashion magazine.

    Find your style and do not follow trends

  2.  Check out thrift stores; you do not need the chanels and the pradas to look fly, go to your normal label-less stores In Yaba or Balogun market. They can be a huge, mostly untapped resource. Even though the clothing is cheap, look for things that look great on you, not just things that fit, okay.

    Thrift shopping works!

  3. Be creative: altering and mending old clothes from the thrift store can be great fun. Merge your old denim jeans with your plain shirt and look like a gold mine.

    Start creating pieces from clothes you don’t wear anymore

  4. Invest in good timeless fabrics: even if you cannot sew them now, fabrics are something you can use to make anything you want at any time you want them, it also helps you when you want to merge pieces together to make them unique, so stock up the fabric collection. And Great news, they’re super affordable.

    Stack em up!

  5. Shop for off-season clothing. Please and please do not buy Christmas clothes when its Christmas, it’s like buying Shea butter when its harmattan, expensive!!! Look for end of the season clearance sales. Also, look for before and after Christmas sales but be aware that, even at a deep discount, some clothes may not be worth the price. Know ahead of time how much you intend to spend on something and try to stick with it.

    Clearance sales are your best friend but don’t end up choosing garbage.


So friends, look great today. Money should never be a barrier!.

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Until next time, stay fancy!!

Photo credit; Pinterest.com, 123rf.com, Kristabelplummer.com