How To Make Your Business Stand Out From Your Competition

There’s a saying which that goes: The best way to predict the future is to create it. For your business to be different and make a certain impact that no body else would, you have to in fact do things differently and yes that is all you need to know, you can go to sleep now, lol! Do Keep reading to find out ways you can be different!

  1. Provide Legendary Customer Service. Treat your customers like royalty, even if you are not in the service industry. . All customers have an expectation of great service and will not put up with waiting in long lines or receiving poor responses from representatives. Around 75% of customers state that they consider customer service a true test of a company’s competence. Well-known companies with great customer service include Amazon and Hyundai. But even small companies seem to be doing much better in this area, as they have discovered the loyalty-generating power of remarkable customer support.

    Let your customers expression be like this after getting your service

  2. Think about a way to solve a common problem of your clients; Continue to reinvent your company by adopting emerging technologies and introducing new processes, products and solutions that relates to your direct customer’s need. Like here in FabricsNG, we understand that our customers have a common problem of finding tailors to sew their fabric gotten from us,we took this and decided to incorporate a platform which helps individuals find tailors around them.

    Always Think about ways to make your customer’s life easier

  3. Offer a Guarantee. Can you guarantee next-day delivery? Are you confident enough in your product or service to stand behind it 100%? If so, guarantee it. Adding this type of assurance to your marketing message shows customers and prospects that you truly care about their satisfaction. Here’s the only thing you need to remember: you must back up your guarantee if and when the time comes.

    Tell them you can do something then do it

  4. Specialize: Be The Expert-Then Deliver; Here’s a story  of an expert writer Ann Otte on being an expert in your service.There are a ton of freelance writers, but not many have expertise in my niches (aging, senior care, evidence-based health advice, and high-end SEO friendly content for websites). My clients come to me for expertise they haven’t seen elsewhere. They could pay cheap prices for lesser work, but they know that with me, they’ll get exceptional content that beats the competition’s. So I help their businesses stand out too! I also strive to be outstanding to work with.

    Be that expert no body can resist


  5.  Position Yourself As The Expert In Your Field; We have a tendency to say, “Oh sure, I can do that.” By doing so you quickly find yourself in an over promise, under deliver situation. If you don’t spread yourself too thin, it gives you a chance to perfect the areas that you are really good at. That way you can be THE person in town who is the expert to work with. Be sure to have a list of people you trust to suggest in the fields that you don’t cover. You want to be the person your client consults for referrals! If you sell hair, know everything about hairs, if you sell clothes, know everything about them and if they’re calling for an expert in your field, you should be mentioned.

    Get to a point where everybody wants to hear what you have to say


Here are five good steps to take you ahead, try them, live them , become them and allow your business grow exceptionally.


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