How To Combine Colours In Your Outfit

Has the thought of wearing outfits with many colors freak you out so much that you always try to play it safe with the colors, you have so many blacks in your closet, then some grays, you even try (I’ve got to give you that) to pop it up  a little by adding that green shirt that could almost pass for black. Girl, Nahl! Time to spice that a little because colors have powers and colors are beautiful and you need to represent in them, sis. And this doesn’t mean, you need to wear a purple top with green blazers, orange pants, and a mint-colored bag! No ! Safe combination is 2, maximum 3, and there you have it!

  1. Wear nudes; If the concept of mixing completely different colors is seriously freaking you out, start with one color, and really own it. I mean, wear that hue — and only that hue — in every piece of your outfit. The easiest way to get started is by wearing that safe shade that isn’t too loud. Once you’re ready to branch out more, start mixing in variations on tone,
  2. Add Shine to your outfits; Most people think of beige, brown, navy, black, gray, and olive green as neutrals, but plenty of other colors fall into this category, including metallics. Wearing gold or silver instead of traditional neutrals makes for an outfit that’s way more fun. Once you’ve put on a shiny dress or top, match it with an equally bold pop of color of the jacket. This works people! Check out some sequin fabrics on here to start your shiny Journey!

    Add some Shine Sis!

  3. Use Primary Colors; If you’re really ready to mix it up, begin with the primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. In case you don’t remember from elementary-school art class, these three shades help create every other color. (Red plus blue makes purple, yellow plus blue makes green, and so on.) These tones look great color-blocked (meaning wearing one color as your top, and one as your bottom), or worn all together,

    MIxing Primary Colors always work, so try it today!

  4. Use the Color wheel; Now that we’ve got that out of the way, generally speaking, colors that are next to each other on the wheel look great when styled together. So orange and yellow look fabulous together, red and blue, great! etc.

    You can use this color wheel as your guideline to starting your sass!

    Here are some colors which look great together, Green and Yellow, Pale blue and pink, blue and mint, orange and black, nude and burgundy, purple and coral, purple and white.

There you have it, people! Start combining colors Today!

Until next time, Stay fancy!

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