8 Ways To Increase Your Social Media Presence For Your Fashion Business

Social media has become a significant paradigm shift for every business including the fashion business. Everybody has an Instagram account but it looks like only a set of people are winning at it for their businesses and others – not so much. Is social media a vital tool for your brand? Yes! And it is almost impossible to do without it, it’s an easier faster and cheaper way to get your business marketed. Question is; how can you use this asset to the best of your ability?

Here are some tips on handling your social media presence, For your fashion brand;

Generate Buzz; Buzz is anything that creates excitement or stimulus. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to LinkedIn, YouTube to Pinterest. Be involved in most of the platforms to reach out to people who prefer using one platform over the other. The trick is to make all your platforms very useful relevant and exciting enough that your target customers find you and purchase outfits from you.

Make them know!

Interact with people of similar niches; this comes in when you have an active social media account, you are most probably not the first person to be doing what you are doing. Find people of similar interest and create a connection with them, they begin to talk about you, your followers become their followers and vice versa.

When there’s a meeting with designers, your face and name shouldn’t be odd in their midst

Share high-quality images, visuals and content; The quality of content you put out for your brand on social media is very important. It is your company’s image and you want to represent it in the best possible way. Whenever you want to pass a message across to your followers or community members, make sure it is well researched, and very detailed. Take clear compelling pictures. If your page exudes class, classy people will find you and purchase your designs!

Your visuals draw a certain set of people to you!

Include a call-to-action in all your social media posts; encourage your followers to talk about you. When you put out interesting information, make them consciously aware of how your brand could benefit others apart from them. For example; as a fashion designer, you make a beautiful skirt and put it up on your page, encourage people to retweet your post, share it on their Instagram and Facebook stories. This helps you grow, more people become aware of what you offer.

Include a call to action in all your posts. This is super important

Connect With social media influencers; working with bloggers and influencers to create genuine, authentic content to promote your fashion brand – it’s the goal is to reach out to followers of the influencer and make them want to be associated with you as well. It’s a way to get others to do the work for you, and influencers can successfully drive not only awareness but action as well. For example, I’m more likely to purchase from a brand I see my favourite influencer wear, after all, the reason I’ll be following them is that I admire and respect their choices.

Connect connect connect!

Inform and Grow Your Audience Using Email; Utilizing sign-up forms on your website and encouraging your clients to sign up to your email via social media is not only a great way to interact with customers and leads and to keep track of conversions, but it is also an incredibly effective way to grow your audience. Sign-ups are opt-ins; if a visitor to your site takes the time to enter their email address, or a follower gives you her email address, it’s a pretty good indicator that they are serious about their interest in your business. Use email for retention as well as growth, to thank your customers for their business, advertise offers, and obtain referrals. Especially when you have a new collection coming up!

Use emails to pull people into your community

Track your social media performance; this important step helps you know if your marketing strategy is working or not and how to improve on what’s not working and keep doing what is. From a number of website clicks to impressions, a number of new followers, rate of interaction, posts with the most insight. Fortunately, most of the social media pages help record this information, get them and analyze them.

Tracking helps you take better marketing decisions

Keep things interesting; ask your followers and, what they’ll be interested in learning about and figure out ways to deliver this information to them.

When people come on your platforms, keep them interested by focusing on things they are interested in.

One extra tip that will take you a long way is – find a way to connect to people who follow you on an emotional level. Humans will always go with what they feel emotionally connected to, rather than basic knowledge. It is why I’ll purchase an expensive outfit from a close friend than a random designer I know nothing about. Simply put; make your customers (online), your family and best friends.

Always remember this; there’s more than one way of getting the desired result. If something isn’t, try another strategy. Follow through these above steps and work towards becoming the best in your niche.

Until next time, stay fancy!