Why You Are Not Earning Millions As A Fashion Designer

We cannot overemphasize the relevance of financial freedom, people would attempt to guilt trip you on how money is not the source of happiness and while that is true (debatable), we cannot deny that financial freedom helps with stability in one’s life, you get to care about the people you love and actively support them. As a fashion designer, your main goal should be to hit big, others have done it, why can’t you?

The reason we are probably not where we want to be financially is because of certain attitudes and traits we’ve grown accustomed to, that mentally and physically stifles our growth. Continue reading to find out these traits and simple ways to get out of it;

1. You avoid making sacrifices; Sacrifices are essential for business development. There’s a clear difference between somebody who works 18 hours in a day to somebody who works 6 hours and uses the rest for social media, Netflix and gisting. Let’s face it, lots of success stories have come from hardworking individuals who have personally chosen to make their career their top priority and personally made sacrifices to attain their goals.

working 10x harder keeps you ahead in your niche

2. You have no clear goal; hence no clear plan- do you have a written goal. In the next 5 years, where do you want to be? No goals, no vision equals no money. If you want to make 5 million monthly as a designer, you have to set plans on how many clothes you intend to make that month, your pricing and your marketing strategy. A well written out plan helps to bring your ideas to life and keeps you focused on them.

plan, strategize, re-think

3. You believe in everyone’s success but your own; I’ve heard lots of people tell me that they believe in me and my vision but anytime I express how much I believe in them too, they shrug and say ‘My sister, Amen o’, their response appears positive but you can easily tell that they do not really believe their vision will come alive, because if they did, they’ll attack their businesses with enthusiasm and stop at nothing till they succeed! Do not get discouraged because of setbacks, failures help you think better.

my face, judging you for doubting yourself

4. You think your background or location limits your success; let’s be very honest, a lot of people in Africa believe their success lies in the hands of their tickets out of their country. I understand where their concerns come from, but the question is, do people succeed in Nigeria? Yes, they do! So why can’t you too? A little tip – Due to the lack of development in our country, there’s a lot of Business ideas to venture into which could easily make you be at the top of your game. It’ll be hard to go abroad and compete with the likes of Chanel or Dolce&Gabanna but you can be the D&G of Africa. Let this reflect!

innovate ways you can climb to the top of your career wherever you are located

5. You’re not using the internet as an asset but a distraction; the beautiful paradigm shift of the internet has helped create a better avenue for businesses to market their products, for individuals to become writers and upscale their personal brand and for designers to start their own brands without having to invest in a showroom, how awesome is that? Use these tools to make money for yourself. You don’t need to spend all day on your phone checking out sweet distractions, that same distraction where other people are making millions from. Show off your designs on your social media pages, show off every client rocking their clothes, do something every day.

Innovate ways to use the Internet to upscale your business

6. You’re not building your skill set; How many articles regarding your personal development and career have you read today? How many did you read yesterday? Do you invest in seminars and masterclasses? Okay let me go lower; have you ever watched any YouTube video regarding your career part? I know people who have learnt photography, video editing and various new clothing designs by simply watching tutorials. Daily investment in your skill set will make you an asset. Money has never been the problem, the problem is, what are you offering that people should pay for. If you have nothing, then we have a problem.

Start building today

7. You’re probably hanging out with the wrong group; make friends who challenge you to be better at what you do. And try as much as possible to avoid people who indulge in constant meaningless conversations with you.

Exclude yourself from negative company

8. You’re not networking with the right people; now this person isn’t particularly your ‘friends’ but people you have some connections with (although it’ll be great to make them friends). You can network with the right people by going for events, where you get to share your business objectives. Create a bond with significant people and very soon your name becomes familiar and people are comfortable working with you.

Go out and meet people that would be significant in your career path.

9. You never act on good ideas; any idea that cannot be acted upon is dead. I remember when I was younger, I had an idea on a fictional story to write. I never got to finish it. Some years later, I saw another book that had a very similar storyline as mine on wattpad (a book app), turned out to be a hit, my chance on that story is dead now. Don’t be like me, act on those genius ideas now! So perhaps a new design you had a dream about? bring it to life.

After you get a good idea, you have to act on them.

10. You do not manage your money wisely; money management is perhaps the one trait that runs through every millionaire and billionaire. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t get a car, I’m saying you should get a car when other more vital expenses are being taken care of. Get it? Frugality is going to bring you more good than you know! Re-invest your profits, invest in better equipment (buy industrial machines), hire more workers etc.

Manage your money well and earn your millionaire right!

Everything in life can be accomplished with the right attitude and approach. As I mentioned earlier, getting money is not a problem. The problem is the pathway and approach. Stay loyal to it!

Until next time, stay fancy!

Picture Credit: shutterstock.com, blacknews.com, 123rf.com, fotolia.com, pintrest.com