How To Overcome Challenges In Your Fashion Business

The pressure of adversity is the most powerful sustainer of accountability. It’s as though everything you do is multiplied by 50 in other to surpass those with a head-start. Never slack when you’re at the threshold of failure!

Starting a business is tough. It is even tougher when you are looking at creating a business that operates at an international level. A company had a recent interview with Chris Folayan, founder and CEO of MallforAfrica, a global e-commerce platform that enables Africans to purchase goods from the US and UK, they asked Chris how he overcame obstacles in his company. Without missing a beat, Chris replied, “I don’t know any entrepreneur who hasn’t failed at something at one point or another. The problems I incurred early on not only provided the momentum for crafting solutions but were necessary, it paved the way for my future successes and made me truly appreciate it all the more.”

Here’s how to overcome challenges in your business:

  1. Brainstorm, then solve problems; Finding a solution to a problem is the first step in building a successful business. First, you become aware that something went wrong and then you begin to figure out why. For example, if your problem is making sales and meeting sales targets; you can decide to invest in marketing or you can call already satisfied customers and ask why they haven’t purchased from you in a while, you can also find a way to send styles you can make to fashionistas. This all boils down to your brainstorming session.

    Brainstorm and come up with a solution

  2. Critique yourself and your team; Although an uncomfortable situation to be in, don’t shy away from critiquing yourself and your team as it is an integral step in building and sustaining a successful business. Understanding what could have been done better will: a.) Help to avoid repeating the same mistakes. b.) Provide insight into how to improve. c.) Enable you to be better equipped next time.

    Get your team together, and come up with solutions to the problem

  3. Develop emotional rollercoaster resilience; With all problems come disappointment. An emotional roller-coaster effect built on the repetitive concept of should have would have, could have will never get you anywhere. The rollercoaster will keep moving whether you are on it or not. Instead of being disappointed, focus, regroup, then execute better the next time around. Most successful people have always found ways to turn their failures into successes. Their background stories reflect resilience, as you never know what your failure today will lead to in a few years. But one thing is for certain, taking a problem, creating a plan that fixes it and then using it to your benefit can only make you stronger.

    Problems are inevitable, do not make them weigh you down

  4.  Stories of failures open up the doors to success; Sharing the challenges and failures you have incurred will show others that you are human, resilient, ready for change, and display a level of maturity that is beyond complementary to any business. Investments are made in people who have learned from their mistakes because they made them stronger. The main reason recent graduates are not hired immediately into top management is that experience hasn’t taught them yet. So take those failures and stories and use them to improve yourself and build that path to eminent success.

    Failures give us a chance to come with solutions to improve our business

  5. Making the most of your marketing; Most small business owners aren’t marketers by trade, but almost all (95 percent) do some form of marketing for themselves, and many need to master what can feel like a very steep learning curve quickly. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners (64 percent) are self-taught and less than half (46 percent) consider themselves “marketing savvy. ”Marketing can be hard and it’s not always intuitive, but it’s important to not let perfect become the enemy of good. Marketing doesn’t have to be an all or nothing endeavor. Small, everyday steps can go a long way to make promoting your business more consistent, less time consuming and more effective.

    Business needs marketing, marketing needs business. potatoes-potahtoes

When starting or growing fashion business, it can be very cumbersome but problems come for solutions to be produced. If you have a passion, it is your job to guard it and allow its success. So keep at it, the sky is your starting point! Cheers!

Until next time, stay fancy!

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