DIY Projects You Can Make With Your Remnant Fabric

Nearly every designer in Nigeria has some remnant fabrics that they do not know what to do with, this for sure is going to take up unsolicited space which would keep increasing as the years go by. This problem can easily be avoided if you make your pretty fabrics into various projects and you know what’s fun, you can make extra cash on the side with your creations. 

Now they are 1000+ projects you can try out but we’re going to narrow it down to 10 great ideas, let’s get creative, shall we!

  1. Cute and easy double layer square skirt; This adorable skirt for kids is not nearly as difficult to make as the name implies. You just take two squares of fabric and layer them. It turns into the cutest skirt for your little one or you could make the fabric a bit larger and do one for yourself. Because it’s so easy to make, you will want several of these to wear for different occasions. Pair it with leggings and boots and it’s an adorable casual outfit.
  2. Kitchen decoration; like a dishtowel belt wrap all your kitchen equipment with a cute piece of fabric to give your kitchen a fancy and appealing look
  3. Marble necklace; marble necklaces are the most adorable projects to make with your remnant fabric. click on this link to find out how you can make one.
  4. Key chain holder; A fun gift for a friend who always loses his or her keys or you can use it as a souvenir for any customer who purchases from you
  5. Cuddle pillowcase; You can make a pillowcase for your cuddle pillows in your sitting room, or stuff a bunch of your softest fabrics into one fabric and make your own cuddle pillow.
  6. Use to cover up used containers; anything can be placed inside. So if you have your old conditioner can just cover them with your pretty remnant cotton fabric and use it as a flower vase or keep your utensils in them
  7. Kids belt; another money making avenue, you can buy belt hooks in the market and you can make cute belts in various colors and patterns
  8. Fabric bookmark with elastic; for the nerds around you, this could be an exciting gift idea, buy them a book with and add several bookmarks for them, just put your elastic inside whilst making them and they can use it as a bookmark
  9. Hair bows; for the babies and slay queens around you, you could also make bonnets for the extra fun gift and make that extra cash or as mentioned earlier, you can use it to gift your customers.
  10.  Multi-colored bed sheets; This is very easy to make, just patch up a bunch of similar fabric types to make one giant aesthetically looking bed sheet or table cloth.Related image


So dear Fashion designer, they are so many great projects you can make with your remnant fabrics, and this would consequently solve your space problems, helps you give people amazing gifts, helps you decorate your environment, and gives you extra money on the side. The question is; what are you waiting for?

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Until next time, stay fancy!