That New Outfit You Want to Buy is Ruining your Style and This is Why

Being a fashionista or style lover comes with an inclination for experimenting with the latest fashion trends. Trying out new things is perfect for helping you get out of a style rut. That opportunity to continually reinvent ourselves is one of the best things about fashion. Howeverexcept you are Rita Dominic or Rihanna (Yes, we swear everything looks good them, even if they wear trash bags),  you should not blindly adopt every fashion trend you see flipping through magazines.

Owning the latest fashionable pieces that often come with a steep price tag is NOT the same as having great style, looking and feeling fabulous. So, before you drop a whole lot of money on the latest must-have designer or high-street items, ask yourself: Does this trend work for me?

And the only way to answer this question is by Defining Your Style. You don’t need to follow trends to validate having style. Having a strong fashion identity and being aware of your style will help determine which trends are right for you.For starters, try to describe your current style in a few words.  Is it classic, simple chic, glamorous, boho, maybe?

Here are some ideas that will help you further explore your style and figure out which trends work for you:

  • Create a Style/ Mood board. You can simply do this by creating a picture folder on your phone and adding the images of outfits that most resonate with you. Then, try to find common elements. Pinterest is a popular free app on playstore that helps you save all your fashion interests. When you start scheming through the various feeds, you come across trendy styles that resonates with you and save them as a mood board for your next outfit input.

    What kind of style trends do you have on your mood board?

  • Take your lifestyle into account. Your style should fit and support your overall lifestyle. Otherwise, your trendy items might end up sitting in the closet because you have nowhere to wear them. So, if you mostly work in a corporate environment, all those yoga pants & leggings you keep acquiring might end up being a waste of your coins.

    Except you work in a gym, spending lots of money on these street wear kinda clothes might be a waste

  • Does the Fashion Trend Flatter Your Body Shape?  We can’t stop talking about this particular shit right here! Not all fashion trends work for all body shapes and sizes! Not everything that looks good on a model looks good on regular women. Also, some looks are just meant for the runway and fashion shoots. If like me, you don’t have that KimK figure, girl, you need to stay away from them bodycons trends!

    lmao.. this picture says it all

  • Does It Match Your Personality? Your personality should play an essential part when it comes to your personal style. Wearing clothes well means wearing them with attitude. Let’s not talk about Ebuka’s popular agbada and some people who tried to replicate it *cough* If you don’t feel like yourself in a particular outfit, it will look like the clothes are wearing you, and not the other way around. If a piece of clothing or accessory overpowers your character, you risk looking uncomfortable and awkward wearing an outfit that is on trend, but that is just not right for you.

    Look, for some trends, it’s really about the attitude

  • Confidence Never Goes Out of Style; We can’t all wear every item that’s on that “must-have list”. Nor should we feel bad about it.The important thing is to stay true to yourself and what you feel best in. That will give you the confidence and help you rock any outfit you might be wearing.Trends come and go. Have fun with trying new things, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t follow every single trend that’s out there.

    Nobody does confident dressing like Queen Genny. Argue with your ancestors

  • Dress consciously. It’s important to know how to choose the appropriate clothing and accessories that play up your best features.No matter how on-trend wide-leg pants may be, if they don’t look good on you, you should not buy them.You can take inspiration from celebrities who have a similar body shape. See how they incorporate the latest trends into their day-to-day looks.

Trendy outfits are a continuous ever changing aspect of fashion. It is necessary to delve into them to fit into the fashion culture, however it is absolutely necessary to work with something that looks good on you.

So what new trends are a big NO for you? Let us know in the comment section below!

Until next time, stay Fancy!